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The FLATSIM service (ForM@Ter LArge-scale multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 InterferoMetry) is developed as part of the ForM@Ter Solid Earth data and services center and operated by CNES (Thollard & al., 2021[2]). It allows systematic processing of interferograms from Sentinel-1 data, as well as displacement time series, over large geographic areas. It is based on the InSAR “New Small temporal and spatial BASelines” processing chain (Doin & al., 2011[4], Grandin, 2015[3]) NSBAS.

The scientific objectives are to allow the measurement of the deformations of the Earth's surface on a continental scale, and thus to ensure the spatio-temporal monitoring of critical regions (large zones of active faults and magmatic systems, landslides at the scale of large massifs…).

A call for ideas to define the areas to be processed is opened annually (the last was launched in spring 2022).


These products are under license Creative Commons License - Attribution Non Commercial 4.0 International .

Access to products

The products are currently under embargo and their access is limited to leaders and co-leaders of the selected projects.
Please contact the project leaders (contacts listed in the table below) and the flatsim team ( for a possible access request.
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Selected areas

Location Themes Leaders Products
Afar Landslides, Tectonics, Volcanology R. Grandin (IPGP) Access to products
Central Andes, Peru-Chile Landslides, Tectonics, Volcanology M. Chlieh (ISTerre) Access to products
Eastern border of the Tibetan plateau Tectonics M.-P. Doin (ISTerre) Access to products
Okavango Delta Hydrology, Tectonics M. Jolivet (Géosciences Rennes) Access to products
Ozark aquifer Hydrology K. Chanard (IPGP, IGN) Access to products
Tarim Tectonics M. Simoes (IPGP) Access to products
The Balkan region Anthropogenic and climatic hazards, Tectonics M. Métois (LGLTPE) Access to products
Turkey Tectonics R. Jolivet (Laboratoire de Géologie, ENS Paris) Access to products

Further details

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